About China Empire Construction Co., Ltd.──

China Empire Construction Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2015. It is a consulting and engineering company in Hong Kong that specializes in providing customers with comprehensive "one-stop" comprehensive village house services. Our service scope is very wide, and our main business includes village house design. and construction engineering, project management and consulting services, village house application documents and professional consultant reports, building design and planning layout, construction finance and financing project planning, Buildings Department tenancy applications, site formation and slope works, town planning applications, land surveying services and village house project sales arrangements, etc. "China Empire Construction Company Limited" has completed a number of building projects in Sha Tin, Sai Kung, Yuen Long and other areas, creating perfect residences for customers, and has been highly recognized by customers. The results are really encouraging.

In addition to the above-mentioned village house business, "China Empire Construction Company Limited" is committed to New Territories investment and development projects, including the acquisition of old housing sites and land in the New Territories, provision of cooperative development plans, investment in New Territories village house projects, agricultural land sales, and provision of development and construction projects. Construction financial financing project planning services.

Only the best team can implement the perfect house building plan for you

By adhering to our philosophy, perseverance, pragmatism and customer-oriented work policy, we have built an excellent brand and reputation. We have completed buildings in various districts in the New Territories and have been recognized by our customers and the industry. At the same time, we are committed to pursuing high quality, and our dedicated engineering personnel are responsible for supervising the entire construction process, so that every customer can own a high-quality building.

Familiar with the village house market

We have been engaged in the New Territories village house industry for many years and have fully mastered the entire village house construction process and the regulatory requirements of various government departments.

construction financing

We are strong enough to provide financial financing services for the entire construction project, greatly reducing the financial pressure on our customers.