Village house sample



: 1. **Integration with the natural environment**: Finished village houses usually take full consideration of the surrounding natural environment and use design and building materials that are coordinated with the surrounding landscape to integrate the house with the natural environment. 2. **Simple Design**: The design of finished village houses is usually simple and practical, focusing on functionality and practicality, reducing unnecessary decoration and complex structures. 3. **Comfortable Life**: The design of finished village houses pursues a comfortable and pleasant living experience. Lighting, ventilation and spatial layout are usually considered to create a livable living environment. 4. **Building Materials**: Common finished building materials for village houses include natural materials such as wood, stone, and bricks, as well as green vegetation such as lawns and gardens, creating a natural and original rural atmosphere. 5. **Outdoor space**: Finished village houses are usually designed with spacious outdoor spaces, such as courtyards, gardens, terraces, etc., for residents to use for leisure, entertainment and social activities. 6. **Sustainability**: In recent years, more and more finished village houses have begun to focus on sustainable development, using environmentally friendly and energy-saving building materials and technologies to reduce the impact on the environment.