1. **Collect information and prepare**: - Gather all necessary information regarding the construction project, including site maps, design drawings, technical specifications and related data. 2. **Create building basic model**: - Use CAD software to create a basic model of the building, including the building's appearance, structure and spatial layout. - Draw the main volumes of the building in 3D space, such as walls, floors, roofs, etc. 3. **Add details and features**: - Add details such as windows, doors, stairs, etc. to the base model. - Consider the proportions, scale and proportional relationships of the building to ensure the realism and verisimilitude of the model. 4. **Adjustment and Optimization**: - Adjust and optimize architectural models to meet design requirements and client needs. - Ensure that the structure and proportions of the building model comply with design codes and standards. **Final Presentation and Display**: - Export rendered images or animations of building models to present and communicate design solutions. - Prepare design specifications and presentations explaining the design concepts and features of the architectural model.